Legwarmers Part 1: Shopping For Legwarmers


The Bambu Legwarmers I admire so much.

As it gets colder and colder in Pennsylvania, my ballet instructor keeps stressing the importance of picking up some legwarmers (or cutting the toes off a pair of long socks) so that our ankles can stay nice and warm.

I’ve been rocking legwarmers since summer (even though it was ridiculously hot–I’ve had some ankle troubles), so I own about four pairs of legwarmers, and I’m some of which have been picked up from dance stores, others of which I’ve picked up from stores like Target. I even picked up a pair of pretty purple ones from Burlington Coat Factory for $6 dollars (a steal, even if they are a little short for my taste).

The Body Wrapper Legwarmers I'll be picking up after Christmas, which are only a tenth of the cost of the others.

The Body Wrapper Legwarmers I’ll be picking up after Christmas, which are only a tenth of the cost of the others.

My current favorite pair is a pair of long Harmonie ones that I bought over the summer from the Rosin Box  (it was one of the only pairs they have, because, you know, who buys legwarmers in the middle of summer?), however I find that sometimes they slip a little around my knees, but for the price, they aren’t bad.

I’ve fallen in love with these echauffe leg warmers, and how they closely hug your leg and won’t slip, as well as the wide variety of colors they come in. However, they’re a bit steep at $80 per pair.

So I’ll probably be picking up a pair of these from Discount Dance or Amazon. They look like they’ll serve about the same purpose and not fall down easily, but they’re made of more of a warm-knitted material instead of the Bamboo yarn of the echauffe legwarmers.

Do you rock legwarmers year round like I do? What is your favorite pair?


  • I also have fallen in love with those echauffe leg warmers!! I’ve tried a million different ways to justify to myself paying that much….but I just can’t. I also own the above pictured ones from discount dance. I have them in the really tall length, so they come up to my hips. Very warm! I also picked up 2 pairs from H&M for like $10 each. I also have a Harmonie brand one that is stripped with multicolored blue/black hues. Love those!! They are probably my favorites. 🙂

  • I have a pair of the Body Wrappers in the 36″ length. I got them in black and they have a sort of wooly texture. I’ve worn these during work commutes on a few cold Boston mornings this year. I’m 5’6″ and they come over the knee, but not to mid-thigh. Also, these are really tight on my thighs. I have one other pair, the style is “Kalista” by Sansha. They are 28″ but come up to mid-thigh. The texture is a super flattering thin rib and the fabric is a cotton/synthetic blend. They never sag and hug my legs really nicely. They are light pink with subtle gray stripes around the top. I would definitely buy them in more colors.

    • I’m definitely going to check out those sansha ones! I have a pair of short pink stirrup ones that I love and got for pretty cheap. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • I actually use my mother’s legwarmers from when she was my age! That fact really makes them special to me, and I haven’t looked for a new pair since. But when those start to unravel, I’ll definently have to check out the Harmonie pair.

  • I got into the habit of rocking legwarmers year-round after an ankle injury in 2011, but I was required to leave them in my bag at all times for the 2-month period leading up to my exam last spring (Jan/Feb without leg warmers is not nice!) and it actually took a while to get back into the habit after that. My favourites are similar to the last pair you linked too, but without the stirrup. I don’t trust wool under my feet on the dance floor!

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