Some Updates–website update, the Nutcracker + Pointe!

So I’ve finally gotten around to doing some updates on the blog, mostly because I’ve been sick the past few days and haven’t made it to a ballet class or been able to go running. So I’ve done some messing around with a redesign to make stuff more readable and easier to find. Getting the studio stuff all in a line again is going to take a little bit longer…but we’re working on it.

On to ballet updates:

Although I’m feeling like crap for not having made it to a class since before Thanksgiving, things are going well. I’m so happy I get to learn choreography to Nutcracker music since I missed all of that last year thanks to my injury. Recently, I’ve also started doing some pre-pointe work again. I wish I had an awesome picture to share here, but I don’t. I’ll have to take one before the holidays start-up again.

HQ and I have also recently joined a gym, so hopefully I’ll get to improve my cardio more (since it really sucks right now).

Share your lovely ballet updates with me!

(PS sending out a round of emails this morning to those who submitted to be featured on the site!)

  • Lisa Blanchard

    Ballet new 1) Finally getting some control over petite battement. 2) Bought pointe shoes to satisfy my curiosity & they fit!

    • Kristen Gillette

      That’s awesome! I saw the pointe shoes on Facebook–glad they fit!

  • Tricia

    My ballet update would be that I have now been taking ballet classes for two months and I get confused a little less with each class 😀
    I would love to be able to post on the forum, but I ca’t figure out where or how to sign up/log in.

  • Vince S

    My ballet update – I will have to say is that I’m getting much stronger with my pointe work since been doing it each time I go to class at the beginning while doing the barre routine. It’s still a slow process, so not really sure when I’ll move to the center en pointe. But overall, my teacher says I’m progressing very well!
    Another aspect of class I am trying to work on is not too be so hard on myself while doing combinations in center and try to come out of my comfort zone, so I can get the technique down more. What my teacher tells is not to overthink my steps, so much and to open up. I guess why I’m so hard on myself in class has to do with me from being in the Navy and always wanted to get everything right, lol! But that frustration doesn’t urge me to quit, but too press harder to get it right and keep dancing!