What is your favorite leotard?

The Adult Ballerina Project wants to know, what is your favorite leotard and why?

Capezio corporate logo

Capezio corporate logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only own two (with a third one in a mail and on its way from Discount Dance Supply–although I’m sure it’s going to be a little while because of Sandy). I ordered a Theatrical pink leotard because the reviews weren’t bad and it was super cheap.

My favorite of the two is my black camisole one from Capezio–the fabric is soft and it does a good job at making me feel super sweaty (gross but true). It was also fairly cheap from Amazon.

So tell me what your favorite leotard(s) are and which ones you’d recommend to your fellow ballerinas!

I’ll be spending my day stretching and working out since it’s unlikely that my ballet classes will be held for the next few days!


  • My favorite is from Motion Wear. It’s a silky kind which allows me to sweat without it showing. It’s got really cute straps across the back too!! It was on the pricey side, about $35-37. I can’t find them anywhere online either. Only on their website but they charge $5 for shipping. Boo. I wear it to just about every class!!

  • I can’t lie…I have a ton of leotards. I like them all, really. As long as they are not made of cotton, have a little support in the bra and have a strappy back, I am a happy girl!

    • Have you tried the Capezio BraTek leo?

      • The only problem with that is I like the open back leos. Can’t wear a bra with those; it’s not as pretty!

  • I only have one at the moment – a black straps number from Capezio with a really nice back. I don’t need a lot of support, so I look for something flattering!

  • I’m the opposite to Legal Ballerina. I really quite like cotton leotards. I have 5 leotards but two stand out favourites. The first is just a plain capezio camisole navy blue leotard with princess seams ( I really like princess seams), which I picked up on sale from dance direct and the second is this one from Wear Moi (though I brought it at a shop in NZ and yes it was pricey) http://www.wearmoi.com/store/item/144-wallis the colour in the pic looks quite dark but it’s more like eggplant in real life.

    I suppose I should also give a shoutout to my plain black regulation camisole leo which I do still very much love even though I’ve had it for years.

    Also I am deeply envious of shipping only costing $5. To ship from the States to NZ where I live is usually in the range of $80+. I’ve been quoted over $100 before (turned it down though). The only really option is to ship from the UK and that’s usually between $30 – 50 NZ.

  • This one in the pink currently: http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Products/Ballet/BD101/capezio-tactel-leotard-sleeveless/ I own about a dozen leotards, like them for about three classes then decide I hate them or they don’t fit right or they feel funny, or sometimes if I’m really lucky all three. I guess I’m just really fussy… on the plus side, my favourite has been my favourtie for about six months now so it’s obviously doing something right!

    • I love that leo! It’s simple yet pretty in the back. Sorry this just got posted, it was hiding in my spam.

      • I’m spam! Yay!

        Yeah, seriously, it is the best leo in the world EVZ.

  • I never thought I’d be a leotard kind of guy until I found the Boys Dance Too site (it’s an awesome site for us in the minority that has no want or need for things frilly and pink). Actually they told me about it before it even went on sale, I get the inside scoop. Anyway, it’s WearMoi and looks like a fitted t-shirt with an attached db, one less thing to forget on my all to often mad dash to class. It’s super comfortable and doesn’t scream leotard, and like purplemagnolia said, WearMoi stuff is a bit on the expensive side. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few extra bucks for something nice every now an then.

    • Good to know! A friend of mine in class is having a hard time finding things to wear. I’ll have to direct him there!

      • Not a leotard kind of guy (unless you’ve got rock hard abs, they’re not very forgiving!), but when it comes to tights … I’ve found Sansha to be a lot more durable (and not see-through) than Capezio. They’re a little more cotton fabric, which means they’re a little less comfortable than the reliable brand that Capezio used to carry that I liked and replaced it with a less opaque version (why I cannot fathom).

  • I have a dance wear budget of zero dollars, so for me it’s about price and versatility. I have 2 black Capezio leotards – one camisole and one short-sleeved. I just ordered a black Capezio halter-style the other day. I spent under $15 on each of them. I like black because I feel like it’s less obvious that I’m wearing the same 2 leotards every single week. I’m excited for my halter-style to arrive! Three leotards will definitely help with the rotations. I would love to have a big selection some day, in all sorts of bright colors. But until then — black, simple, and cheap.

    • I’m the same way. While I’d love to have a huge collection some day, paying for classes is expensive enough (especially on a college budget) and I’d rather out money into more classes than having more fancy leotards.

      • I agree 100% — I would rather put the money toward classes. I may not be on a college budget, but I work for a non-profit, which is sadly a very similar budget.

  • I dance sans leo.
    No not naked (in class). I’m a shorty shorts girl. I love the feel of the cotton too. My favorite is a Bal Tog unitard. I also have some non-name brand shorts that are super soft and have a relaxed waistline for a no flub look. Okay, I DO have a couple of leotards, and I think they are both Capezio. Nothing that stands out yet. I may wear a leo to class later, but in my studio there’s really no need. Comfy and form fitting are the only rules. 🙂