Meet ABP intern Laura Smithson

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My name is Laura Smithson, and I’m a senior dance major at the University of Florida. My experience with ballet started long before I made the choice to study dance as a career — I think I was about eight years old when I realized that dance would always be one of the most important things in my life. Now, as an Adult Ballerina, I see how the confidence and discipline I’ve developed through my training has shaped who I am today. I think that must be my favorite thing about dance: it gives you a reason and a means to create the best version of yourself.

As an ABP writer intern, I plan to learn a lot about utilizing social media to connect with larger communities. Around this time next year, I’ll be auditioning for professional companies and performances, and I’ll be using the skills I learn through this internship to promote myself as an artist. Until then, I’m really excited to join the ABP community and to encourage people from all backgrounds to follow their passion for dance!

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