Avoiding the After-Work Workout Slump #teamX2

I’ve never dealt well with late afternoon or evening workouts. When I was a kid—my body never seemed to take after school or night swim practices very well—I was always more sluggish and slow whenever I exercised later in the day.

I’ve adjusted to night ballet classes somewhat and usually can handle them somewhat decently. However, I always feel slightly more sluggish during a night class (especially a late night class) versus a morning class. My nighttime runs nowadays always seem more sluggish then my morning ones do. Unfortunately, HQ and my schedules don’t always align super well and that usually means we’re running later in the day(someone please give me tips on how we can become better early risers and wake up and run).

Disclaimer: I’m a #TeamX2 blogger and excited to work with X2 Performance in a paid campaign to help me achieve my fitness goals.All opinions are my own.. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

I mentioned in my introductory post about X2 Performance that I’m not a huge supplement person. Sure, I take a few vitamins (a multi-vitamin and calcium and vitamin D supplement)—but that’s about it. I’ve taken shot bloks with caffeine and salt before to help pre-post ballet class or run, as well.

My X2 Performance samples.

My X2 Performance samples.

It gave me an extra boost of energy during a Saturday morning class after waking up pretty groggy from the night before because of allergies and a run the night before. X2 seemed to help boost my energy and performance in my late night Monday ballet class really well, too. However, since I took the X2 around 7:30 (class starts 8) I had a little bit of trouble sleeping because I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine later in the day, but unless you seem to be as hypersensitive as I am, I don’t think it’s a problem. Anytime I took it before 6/7 I was fine.

X2 really seemed to boost my running performance. HQ and I pretty much consistently run slower at night, and when we do, I usually feel sluggish and tired. Before our most recent run this past Friday, I tried taking a bottle of X2 Performance about 30 minutes before.  While it has a bit of a sour aftertaste, it washes down nicely with water. HQ and I ran most of our run with only a few walking breaks, and we went three miles. Recently anything over two miles has been a struggle.

Outside Eastern State Penitentiary on our run, one of my favorite places in Philadelphia!

Outside Eastern State Penitentiary on our run, one of my favorite places in Philadelphia!

However, this time, if it hadn’t been for a blister on my foot, we probably would’ve gone further. I felt amazing, even though I had started out the run with a bit of a headache after having a migraine all afternoon. I’m guessing the caffeine in the X2 also helped to heal my headache a little bit too (since I think it was partially due to caffeine withdrawal).

The verdict? X2 Performance is probably a bit too expensive to be taking with every workout on my current budget (poor journalist here) but I’ll probably be keeping some of it around for when I’m a bit sluggish and tired or dealing with headaches. Try it out for yourself for free (plus $5.95 S & H) here.

Read more about the benefits of X2 Performance in my previous blog post about it.

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