Ballet Class Recap: Back to Ballet

Sometimes, I really don’t realize just how much I love ballet until I end up missing a couple of classes.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, although I have good reason: my job recently increased from a part-time job to a full-time job last week. Before that, things were really, really hectic at work, so I didn’t have much time to write (or make it to ballet class either).

While I’ve made it to a few Monday classes during the past month, I haven’t gotten much a chance to make it to classes with my usual ballet instructor. Last weekend HQ and I ended up heading home for a long weekend to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday, so I missed out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes.

This past Monday I went to an awesome event about anti-street harassment by a group I’ve written about a few times called Hollaback PHILLY. While the event was great, I unfortunately couldn’t make it to ballet.

I made myself go to ballet on Thursday finally–even though I was tired after a long week of work. I ended up having to grab a cheap snack–some lemon pound cake from Starbucks–just to give myself enough energy to get through the class. While the class was tough, I was happy that my legs did fine during the class and I seemed to be doing as well as I had been in past ballet classes.

HQ and I both went to class on Friday, which I felt I did better in because I knew most of the combinations from Thursday’s class. I always really enjoy Friday’s classes because they’re smaller and we often get to spend a little bit more time breaking things down. I’m also thrilled that my ballet instructor is going to start offering ┬ápre-pointe classes on Friday evenings after our normal class. It’ll be an easy way for me to gradually get back into pointe work.

How have your ballet classes been going this month?

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