Ballet Recital and Some Life Updates

Kristen_ballet_showIf you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen some of the photos from my short ballet recital that happened last weekend. It was part of National Dance Day and we performed a short routine to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful.”

It was a lot of fun, although I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for it. I was out of ballet class the second to last week before the performance because work was crazy and I was stressed (see here). But I went to five classes (plus a rehearsal) and managed to get somewhat up to speed. I wasn’t totally pleased with how I did during the actual performance–but it was all right given the circumstances. Here’s another photo (via Philly Dance Fitness’s Facebook page) of me making a totally awkward face:

I’m excited because post-performance my ballet teacher is going back to the basics with a lot of the steps and combinations that we haven’t had a chance to practice in a while–something I really need still post-injury. I can tell that my feet and calves aren’t as strong as they were pre-stress fracture diagnosis.  I’m going to work on doing some at home exercises too not that I’ve finished the crazy process of moving apartments.

How has your summer been going so far?

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