Catching Up on Ballet and Real Food Barres

I’ve been MIA lately, I know. With two cases of strep throat in three weeks (yes, two) I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with school work and haven’t made it to ballet in a while. The last class I made it to was a Tuesday night between both cases of strep–and that was only for barre. Hopefully this week will be at least 2 (hopefully 3) classes.

Other than that–I plan on finally starting my next 30 Day Stretch Challenge as I described in my last post tomorrow. How is your split coming? Is it where you expected it to be? Any suggestions for those who might just be starting out?

P.S. Has anyone tried out real food barres? They were developed by a professional ballerina for dancers. I just ordered one of each today because they have free shipping today for Small Business Saturday and I plan on having a review up once they arrive! I’ve yet to find an energy/snack/granola bar I really like. If you have one you like, what is it?


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