My Return to the Dance Studio

I miss blogging about my own experiences, so about once a week or so, I’m going to return to doing so, while still bringing you tips, interviews and more throughout the week!

I finally made it back to the studio this past Thursday after a little over a month off. I was extremely worried that I was going to struggle, but Thursday’s class went well. The class was PACKED. Generally, at PDF, the classes hover around 1o people (although I’ve been in some classes as small as five or six). This class had about 18, and we had to be split up into two groups for some of our center work, and barre space was quite cramped. Still, it was an effective class and quite a workout. I can’t wait until my instructor installs a permanent barre on the wall in the back of the studio. While it will block my view of the mirror, I love permanent barres so much because they’re sturdy and you don’t have to worry about wobbling the barre or having someone else wobble the barre.

Saturday’s class (and pre-pointe class) did not go as well. I was extremely nervous about pre-pointe (because I was two classes behind); I feel as if it’s going to take a lot to get me strong enough to catch up.┬áMy brain was completely scrambled and I could not remember combinations and I felt as if I was failing at the most basic steps. I couldn’t even manage to not screw up a basic tombe pas de bourree to fourth position turn preparation because I was distracted (these felt more solid, although not perfect on Thursday). For some reason, my brain and Saturday morning class do not mix, as I never seem to be quite as focused.

Hoping for better classes in the upcoming week to make up for my disappointing weekend.

Do you prefer evening or morning classes?


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