July Challenge Abs and Legs

My plan for July is to work on both my abs and legs with a challenge, considering I’ve slacked on both recently (I was a standard #plankaday participant for most of April and May before I started to slack off). Since I’ve had some free time (I missed ballet this weekend because of a stomach bug) and I’m taking off this weekend because of Fourth of July. Both ab strength and leg strength are essential in ballet. Here’s my challenge based off what I think I’ll be able to do:



I’ve chosen 3 of my favorite ab exercises and 3 of my favorite leg exercises, based on what I think will help me work out my own legs and abs based on what’s worked in the past. I’ll probably end up using my 3 pound weights in my hands for the lunges and eventually for the sumo squats.

Feel free to make adjustments as needed, and make sure you take a rest day each week. Let me know if you’re participating, I’d love to know how you’re doing with the challenge!

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