Let Training for the Philly 10K Begin! @thephilly10k

I’m not going to lie–HQ and I haven’t been running in about three weeks–and 10K training (for the Philly 10K I wrote about a couple months ago) has kind of crept up on us. I was kind of oblivious to the fact that it was almost time to train until I saw a post from Be Well Philly featuring a 10-Week plan for the 10K–and it clicked that we should probably get moving if this race was going to happen.

I’ve never prepared for a 10K before and I wasn’t sure where to start.  I considered going with the plan provided by the Philly 10K and Be Well Philly, but it seemed a little intense–so I went looking for a plan that was a little bit easier that would be more on my level. I discovered Women’s Health Beginner 10K plan.

What I think I’ll enjoy most about this plan is that the easy days are all by time–this way I don’t have to worry about how far I’m running in the mornings–just how much time it’s going to take me. I’m hoping this will help me get up earlier, too.

We’re going to start training now–even though the plan is only 7 weeks–in order to allow for a few hiccups that may happen along the road.

 What training plan do you usually use for your races?


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