Beginner Ballet Tips: What to do Over the Holidays

As I’ve written about recently, many of us won’t be able to make it to ballet classes over the holidays. I’ve made plans to stretch and do a few at home DVDs a few times a week, even though I know it won’t be the same as going to the classes I normally go to throughout the week. But it’ll have to do, especially as I visit friends this week and head to relatives houses in the middle of no where next week.

Here’s some more advice from Inside Dance Technique although it won’t apply to everyone–I certainly don’t plan on wearing my pointe shoes everyday (since I just got fitted and bought them this past Saturday–at most I’ll put them on every once in a while to practice the things we went over in my pre-pointe class). The article offers good advice, such as stretching and working out your abs (for balance). I plan on stretching 30 minutes a day (whether it be in on shot in the evening or 15 minutes three times a day–when I can), working out my abs and legs doing some foam roller workouts I wrote about earlier (as well as the Theraband exercises I mention in the same post) and doing the occasional barre exercises when I find the time.

How will you be fitting ballet into your tight holiday schedule?

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