The Perks of Not Getting into the Broad Street Run


When I first saw that people were getting emails on Sunday night saying they had been selected for the Broad Street Run, I began hyper-checking my e-mail (which I frequently do when I’m expecting an important e-mail). I could sense that I hadn’t gotten in. Yesterday morning, although I had no rejection e-mail, I checked the list and knew that HQ and I hadn’t gotten into the lottery.

At first I was upset. It was supposed to be HQ’s Valentine’s Day gift. I’ve always wanted to run the Broad Street Run and I had to give up my bib last year due to injury.  After a little while, I realized it was for the best.

Now, I can take my time with my recovery and not stress out that I have to be ready for ten miles in May. I can schedule a half marathon when I feel ready.  (Plus, it means more time for ballet).

Have you ever been upset by a setback that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? 



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