New Studios Added to ABP Studio Guide

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We’ve recently added a bunch of new studios to Adult Ballerina Project’s Studio Guide, including:

American Dance Institute

Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness

Align Ballet Method

In Studio

Intrigue Dance & Performing Arts Center


Ballet Tennessee

Local Motion Studio


Help us add more! You can add a studio, edit a studio listing (to change or add more information) and/or submit a review:

Add a Listing / Update a Listing /Submit a Review of a Studio

Updated Studio Guide + Request for New Studio Listings and Reviews

We now have a total of 60 studio listings on the website, which is fantastic. I’ve finally caught up with adding all the studios I had backlogged from submissions from awhile back. Now that I’ve finally gotten that done, I’m looking for more studio submissions! You can submit the studio you take classes at, the studio you own as well as reviews for studios.

This time around, I’m looking for a little bit more information on your part to help make the submissions even better and more accurate (as well as make my life a bit easier and get the submissions up even faster!) If you want submit a review and there’s no listing yet, please create a submission for that, too!

You can use this form to submit a studio for a listing (which anyone can do!):

You can use this form to submit reviews:

Progress on the Studio Website!

Things are coming along on ABP’s Studio Guide website slowly, but surely. I’m very excited to have this be a database for all of those who are looking for a studio but aren’t sure where to find them or to find a new fit.

UntitledIt’s pretty straightforward with basic information about the studios, where it’s located, classes offered, a brief description, and then any user submitted reviews. (Don’t worry if you submitted a studio and don’t see it yet–I’m getting to it, I promise!). All reviews that were once up on ABP will be moved from here onto the correct studio listing (contact me if for whatever reason you don’t want yours moved). Pictures will be added eventually as well as I reach out to the studios for permission.

Reviews play a huge role in this process and I need my readers help to get those up and rolling. Submit your review via this form or to If you just want to submit a studio, use this form (don’t worry about submitting a studio to the second form if you’ve written a review, I’ll automatically create the page when I get to your review).

Thank you guys, again, for all of your support!

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