Align Ballet Method

630 N La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood, CA

It is the mission of the ALIGN BALLET METHOD to revolutionize the culture of adult ballet training by deeply focusing on each students unique potential. We are real ballet for real people with a shot of pure positive energy! We believe in coaching every students to the best of their abilities and always consider personal limitations with compassion. Our ALIGN 1 workshop enables adult beginners to learn the fundamentals of a classical ballet barre in six one-hour classes. ALIGN 2 workshops build on those fundamentals, allowing students to learn progressions across the floor and dance without the barre. After completing the workshop levels students may further progress in our open ALIGN 2, 3, and pointe classes. Sound impossible? Since the beginning of the ALIGN BALLET METHOD in 2012, we have helped hundreds successfully learn the proper technique and form of classical ballet. Many of our beginners in the past are now dancing in pointe shoes and dancing at other major ballet company schools during their travels. There is no intimidation factor here. We create a supportive and non-competitive environment. Each class is still technically-focused and enables each student to progress. We are challenging but our classes are designed to quickly accelerate your potential. The ALIGN BALLET METHOD is a new approach to the ballet studio–we place your success and satisfaction as our highest priority.

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