Support Adult Ballerina Project — Grab a “anyone can do ballet” Shirt, Tank, or Sweatshirt!

As you may have seen on Facebook or Pinterest, I recently launched a Teespring store featuring some ABP merchandise. Just like the stickers I made earlier, I’ve put together a few shirts, tanktops and sweatshirts you can purchase with the ABP slogan, “Anyone can do ballet” on them. You’ve got a few different style and color options to pick from:



Flowy Women’s Tank:







The store is at I plan on using the profits from the sales to fund ABP, including hosting and other costs that go into the website and maybe (if I eventually sell enough) coming up with some sort of way to fund regular contributors. So if you want to see more great content, purchase a t-shirt or tanktop and show it off!

We have stickers!

If you follow Adult Ballerina Project on social media, you probably saw the new stickers we recently received in the mail:


If you’re interested in your own, you’ve got a few ways of snagging them if you’re in the US:

  • If you’ve been interviewed for ABP, shoot me an email with your address to receive a four pack of stickers for FREE!
  • If you haven’t been profiled, send me an email about being profiled, and then once it’s complete, I’ll get your address and send them your way
  • If you’re not interested in being profiled, you can buy a four pack of stickers for $5.00. Email me to get it set up via PayPal.

You can reach me at

  • If you’re outside the US, send me an email and we’ll figure out how much shipping and stuff is and I’ll probably ask you to pay the extra postage.
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