What Motivates You to Dance? Allison DeBona’s #ArtWithAlli

Allison DeBona, a soloist with Ballet West (and star of the show Breaking Pointe), has started a campaign called #ArtWithAlli on her blog, Allison’s Pointe of View.  DeBona wrote:

“Dance is evolving so fast, the technique is more difficult, and you’re required to do multiple turns, jump higher and battement to the sky.  I appreciate all of those things, but for me, that is not what defines a great ARTIST.  In class I am always working toward improving my technique and physical abilities, but it seems to me that today young dancers are so focused on quantity that the artistry of our craft is often lost.”

DeBona said in her post that she’s going to challenge readers over the next 12 months, starting this month by asking you to exploring  your motivation for dancing and your contribution to our art form. 

You post your response in her forum, but also share your journey using the hashtag #artwithalli on social media. I’ll be working on my own post about my own motivation soon and sharing it both here, in the forum, and on social media, and I encourage you to do the same!

What motivates you to dance?


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