Avoiding Workout Slumps & Working Out at Home

Running and ballet prety much occupies all of the time I dedicate to working out. But given my apparently extreme tendency to become injured, I’ve decided I needed to step up my cross-training and strength training game.

For the time being, I’ve decided to forgo a gym membership since it seems like an unnecessary expense. Although, I have to admit, it’s more getting the motivation to take the subway to get to the gym that’s making me push it off for now.

Instead, I’ve turned to at home workouts, both of my own making and some via Pinterest. My current go-to right now is this “Anywhere Workout” via Fitsugar:

Image via http://www.fitsugar.com/Workout-Poster-Week-24187265

Image via http://www.fitsugar.com/Workout-Poster-Week-24187265

Mostly because it varies the workout throughout the week and it gives me something strict to follow, and seems like a pretty good way to start getting fit again (trust me, after what is pretty much months off, I feel so very out of shape).

What’s your go-to at home workout?

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