Group/Forum for Adult Beginner Ballerinas

As Legal Ballerina¬†pointed out on her site that an awesome LiveJournal group exists for Adult Ballerinas called AdultBegBallet. Since there’s not a ¬†lot of demand for one directly linked for this website, I figured it’d be a cool thing for those who were interested in a forum to look into. While the community hasn’t seen a lot of action recently, those who have posted have gotten a fair bit of responses so there’s definitely still some members who are active.

Thanks LB for the tip!

Also, I’d like to hold a TweetChat for people interested in ballet and this blog (and I figured it’d be the easiest way to hold a chat, especially since site’s like TweetChat make it easy to follow a certain #hashtag and most everyone has a Twitter account already). If you have any other suggestions for chats let me know as well as what day/times would work best for you.

Any other forum/group/community recommendations?

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