Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud #3: Stuck in a Rut

Letting HQ take over this week’s stream of conscious post for a different perspective (and since I’m a bit busy at this moment.) 

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So here I am writing a post about my post undergraduate life that has been incredibly underwhelming. So much I wish I could be doing but can’t due to things like financial or transportation restraints, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing. So here is my life as of lately:

Finding An “Entry Level” Job in the City Sucks

But really, since I have graduated I have applied to probably 100 different jobs, and I’ve gotten maaaaybeee two emails back and one or two phone calls. It sucks. I graduated with a degree in theater where I focused primarily on lighting design. And guess what, everyone wants you to have a degree AND 4-5 years professional experience. How do you get professional experience if the entry level job requires you have professional experience?

Codecademy is my Best Friend Too

So much code

So much code

I know Kristen posted it last week but it’s been one of the major things I have been working on. So much that I have done HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and Ruby on them and feel fairly comfortable doing basic code in any of those languages. While I don’t know what I’m going to do with knowing all of those I know I’m going to keep on working on it. I’m probably going to revamp my own blog soon just as Kristen did with ABP.

Never Stop Learning

Since I graduated I have not stopped learning. While yes, I’m depressed that despite going to college for four years I’m yet to find a job doing anything, it doesn’t mean I stop bettering myself. As said above, I have been learning coding but I have also been learning graphic design (ABP header for example), 3D modeling, and more about computers hardware and software.

I may be in a major rut in life, but I won’t stop pushing forward.

What do you do when you sense you’re “stuck in a rut”?

Six Weeks and Counting: Injury Update and 2014 Goals

It’s been about six weeks since I went and I had an MRI done on my legs and discovered that in fact, had stress fractures. It really sucked, but it was nice to finally have an explanation for the pain I had experienced. For the next two weeks I plan on gradually adding back some of my PT exercises before attempting to gradually get back into the swing of things.

Even though it’s been relatively tough to not be at ballet or running, the holidays have certainly helped a bunch and I’ve kept busy with crocheting, coding, etc. I’m also working on yet another new website design using TwentyFourteen which is pretty cool (and more news-site, less blog which is a look I want to go for).

Rather than set resolutions (because everyone eventually just forgets those in a few weeks anyway), I’ve decided to set a few 2014 goals:

  • Read more often, borrow from our local library more. I don’t read often enough and it’s something I really miss. Any and all book suggestions welcome!
  • Learn more coding. The more and more I learn more coding, the more I think it’s something I’m potentially interested in going back to school for. Hoping to successfully complete Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Programming class this year with HQ. I’ll probably make the two of us blog about it.
  • Grow out my bangs. Seems kind of silly, but I always end up getting fed up with them and cutting them again. I’d like to be able to put my hair up into a bun without having to use a billion clips and bobby pins.
  • Get back into ballet. Fairly straight forward, but it’s going to take some work for me to not just jump back into it and instead start off with one class a week before moving to 2-3 classes a week. Baby steps.
  • Complete Couch25K Properly. Last time I skipped some levels and jumped around, so my aim this time is to actually follow all the steps to gradually get into running. Someone yell at me if I fail at this or jump too fast into ballet, too.
  • Blog and write more often. I’m hoping to write and blog more often, as well as read more blogs and get more involved in the blogging universe. I recently became a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, so I’m hoping that will help push me in the right direction, too.

What are your 2014 goals? What books should I add to my reading list? What are your favorite blogs right now?

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