Zenon Dance

528 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403



(612) 338-1101

Classes offered: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, World Dance, Health + Wellness, Contact Improv

Description via website: “Zenon also operates a dance school that welcomes all dancers, regardless of age, ability or experience. First-rate, independent instructors ably teach a wide range of dancers, from the nationally renowned to the beginning child or adult. City Pages rated the school “Best Place to Learn to Dance” in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011.”

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Zenon is located in an historic building in downtown Minneapolis. There are numerous classes for adults available including ballet, belly dancing, tap, modern and jazz. I have had four different teachers in my ballet classes and they are all excellent. Each of them makes an effort to get to know you and help you at your level. The classes are arranged at various times during the day so it is easy to find a convenient time. The studio has some wear but is adequate for dance with a worn marley floor. All ballet classes have a pianist playing. The fee is very reasonable at $13/class (usually 1.5 hours long). They offer punch cards that have a discount and it is a further discount if you pay for a full session. Classes run year round and through the summer. There is no dress code whatsoever and many of the students look like they rolled out of bed in the dark and dressed in whatever was on the floor or dirty laundry basket. So no intimidation factor with the clothing! You will also see people of all ages and shapes so anyone can fit right in! It is easy to get to by car, bus or light rail. The light rail stops about a block from the studio. There is only a one thing I don’t like about this studio. The classes at times get a bit large and you can feel forgotten. The teachers do a good job of trying to minimize this problem when it occurs.
I would highly recommend this studio! Especially if you are just starting they are very welcoming and non stressful!

9 out of 10


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