Adult Ballerina Project Ballerina Writer Program

Up until now, I haven’t really had a formal contributors program, I’ve just had people submit ideas via email when they think of them. We’ve gotten a lot of great pieces this way and I’ve had quite a few regular contributors write for the blog over the past couple of years.

However, I’m looking develop even more of a base of regular writers.

Like all of the other writing for Adult Ballerina Project, I still, unfortunately cannot pay for submissions from contributors (I don’t make any money myself on this project).

How The Program Will Work

About once a month, writers will receive an email from me asking for pitches on future posts for Adult Ballerina Project. As long as the idea fits with the blog and hasn’t been done before, I’ll ask you to write a post about it.

I don’t expect everyone to pitch or write every month, but my hope is that these writers can make a very loose commitment to writing about every three months (I’ll of course, be very happy if you can write more than that!).

However, you won’t get kicked from the writers group if you don’t submit something once every three months.

Who Can Join?

Anyone! Writers who haven’t yet been interviewed for an ABP profile will be asked to do so. You’ll also get a bio and description on the contributors page. Fill out this form to sign-up.

Not interested in the program, but still have an idea you want to write about? Send me an email at

We’ll also potentially have a formal internship in the summer for ten weeks (details still to come). However, if you’re interested in doing an internship in the spring or summer, send me an email at

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