How-To Tips: Make Your Own Tutus

Super Fluffy Aqua Iridescent Tutu

(Photo credit: pumpkincat210)

Even though I’m 21 years old, I’ve still always wanted a tutu, even though I don’t need one for a performance or a class. I want one for a photos I’ll be taking for the blog in the future, although I’m a bit wary of spending $20 dollars for a cheap one on the Internet (although I love DiscountDance for many, many reasons), because I won’t e able to compare colors to my leotards.

While the idea of making my own has crossed mind, I’m not big on sewing. This tutorial looks great (and for the most part, it’s no sew–just sewing a ribbon, which I’ll do by hand). Although it’s not going to hold up to a lot of dancing, since there’s no elastic, it still looks like it’ll be great for a photo shoot (the creator made them for her daughter to run in a race).

Do you own any tutus? Have you ever considered making your own?

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