One of the most difficult things I’ve had a problem with getting myself to do for my ballet is stretch. I’ll go through streaks where I work really hard at my split stretches for a week or so regularly but then I get too busy, forget, or just plain old don’t feel like it, but I know I’m going to have to do it regularly if I ever want to actually become more flexible.

When I do remember, I usually focus on split stretches doing these stretches as well as this one because it really seems to stretch out my hips a lot. I plan on adding some barre split stretches that I found this morning since I recently built my own barre (more on this in a later post, but check out Leotard’s and the Buns in Them’s post on it if you want to build your own ASAP).

I know I need to increase how often I stretch and stretch more of my body than I now do (I could really use some back flexibility!) so I want to know:

How often do you stretch?

What stretches do you do?

In about a week or so I’ll compile a list so we can have a complete ballet stretching guide!

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