The Big 1,000 Facebook Like Giveaway

giveaway Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog in some way, including liking the Facebook page and joining the Adult Ballerinas Facebook group. To thank everyone, I wanted to do a big giveaway. Thank you to the sponsors (who donated products to giveaway), including Terez Rose aka Classical Girl,  RubiaWear, and La Bella Boutique Leotards! Here’s what you can win (with the widget to enter each right below it!). We’ll provide more information about each one of the giveaway items in the upcoming week, but for now — start entering!

A Copy of Off Balance (Ballet Theatre Chronicles Book 1), a ballet novel by Terez Rose

9705802 This book is awesome (and I’ve got a review and Q&A coming up with Terez Rose soon, too!) If you win, you’ll have the choice between a hard copy of the book (if you live in the US) or a digital copy (if you’re in the US or elsewhere). a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Coupon Code for a Pair of RubiaWear Legwarmers


Seriously, I love these legwarmers, and they’re perfect for doing pointe work in a cold studio (especially if you’re feet tend to cramp up when they’re cold like mine!). Thanks to Ashley for supporting us! a Rafflecopter giveaway

$50 Gift Certificate to La Bella Leotards

Screenshot 2015-05-28 12.36.48 Thanks to Katie for providing this gift certificate to her leotard store on Etsy. I can’t wait to share with everyone my review of her leotards in the near future, too! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Upcoming 1,000 Facebook Like Giveaway

UPDATED: Thanks everyone who helped me get to 1,000 likes! I’ll try to get the giveaway up soon! 

I’m approaching 1,000 likes on Facebook (yay!) and I’m planning on doing a ballet-themed giveaway once I reach 1,000. I’ve already partnered with a few small-business ballet brands to do a giveaway (plus I’ll throw in some stickers, too!), but if you have a ballet-related brand you’d like to throw in the mix, send me an email at

The giveaway will go up slightly after I hit 1,000 likes (when I get a chance to put it together), so if you haven’t liked us yet, head over to Facebook and like our page! The giveaway will be open to everyone, too!

Pro Compression Sock Review + Giveaway

I love compression socks, both for recovering after ballet as well as running.

According to PRO Compression’s website, “Whether at rest, playing a round of golf or running a marathon, your PRO Compression socks are working to circulate blood back to your heart and lungs. With more efficient circulation comes less fatigue and your tired muscles are replenished with fresh oxygen and nutrients to reduce soreness and give you the extra stamina needed to exert yourself at the fullest.”

Compression socks have been great for recovering from tough calf straining ballet classes too.

I own about three other pairs of compression socks (some CW-X pink socks, a pair of grey Adidas ones, a pair of black Adidas compression sleeves). While all three of these pairs of brought me some necessary relief, I’ve had gripes with all of them. The CW-X ones slide down my leg easily and easily collect hair and dust from the floor (ick!) and the grey Adidas ones are too short (where I usually have the most shin splint pain is just below my knee). The sleeves are awesome of actually wearing to ballet (under legwarmers) but other than that they seem to be too tight for extended wear.

Cute and Compact Packaging!

Cute and Compact Packaging!

The PRO Compression socks were awesome. No sliding problems and they felt perfectly snug! Not to mention, they’re a pretty great price if you (40% and free shipping with code BLG13=30 dollars for a pair of their Marathon socks) compared to a lot of the pricier compression socks. And they come in pretty awesome colors, like bright pink.

I felt awesome Friday morning after sleeping in my PRO Compression socks after ballet.

photo (8)

Pointed Ballerina feet in cute compression socks!

The only cons I found about these (although they’re my favorite pair so far) is that sometimes I suffer from a little too much compression in my knee area, but this is usually solved by pulling them down a bit (probably because I have the bad habit of pulling them up too high because I have to pull my CW-X to get them to stay up). They also seemed to make me slip in my sneakers a bit more, but that wasn’t a huge problem.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for some awesome compression socks for a good price. And if you’re interested, Adult Ballerina Project is giving away a pair of PRO Compression socks! Click to enter the giveaway through my Rafflecopter giveaway.

PRO Compression Marathon Socks were provided by PRO Compression free of charge in exchange for a review. I was not paid for my review.  The opinions contained in this review are mine and based on my experience, and do not reflect the opinions of PRO Compression or anyone else.

Some Quick Updates, Ballerina Profiles, and Barre Giveaway

First of all, now that my long semester of hell is finally over, I plan on putting some quality time into this project. As of 9 am this morning, I only have one more semester to go before I graduate.

In order to make this project better, I’ve put together another survey to try and get an idea of what most people want to see more of. I’ve already gotten a few responses, but if you haven’t filled it out yet, it will take you about 15 seconds and it would mean a lot to me. The survey is here.

As you may have noticed, the Resources page is up with a few of my favorite blog posts and entries you’ve sent in. Check out the page and feel free to send me more suggestions. I’ll be updating this section of the blog with more non-blog resources in the near future.

As usual, I’m always looking for more adult ballerinas to profile, so if I haven’t run one on you yet, check out the Contribute page and send me your e-mail address so I can feature you on the site. If you’d like to write your own post like Scott did in Advice for Men in Ballet, that’d be awesome too. Feel free to suggest any ballet instructors or professionals for interviews as well.

Lastly, the giveaway of the Real Food Barres ends tomorrow. I’m going to try to get in contact with everyone who may have not entered for each of their entries correctly (you need a new comment for each new entry, i.e. if you tweeted to enter you need a comment with a flavor AND a comment saying you tweeted).

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