Help Me Deal with Crazy, Unruly Hair

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Someone help me out, please. Share your perfect ballerina bunhead secrets.

We’ve discussed how to make the perfect bun (and trust me, I’m not there yet either). But I want to know  how do you make the rest of your hair–even when it’s just in a ponytail–look less unruly. My messy bun that I usually rock to ballet class looks way more messy than it should.

My hair is super unruly–it seems like no amount of headbands, bobby pins or gymnastics clips can help keep my hair from looking like an absolute mess. I got a hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and instead of making my hair less messy, it made it worse. My hair is in an awkward stage and I can barely get it to stay up in a messy bun because it’s too thick to get a hairband to wrap around 3 times–but when it’s only wrapped around twice my hair falls it out of the bun.

My bangs are also short and messy and I usually have a bunch of stray pieces coming out all over my head resulting in me using a headband or a billion bobby pins, clips…or both. While this is sometimes effective, other times I just like a hot mess. When I use most headbands, I have to use bobby pins to keep it in place. ICK. I recently bought a Bondiband which is super wide (and thin, too) so it keeps all my hair in place, but it’s not perfect and it seems like it slips a bit, although not much. I’m super looking forward to trying it out when it’s cold out cause it’ll cover my ears. I’ve also found that my headbands stick best when my hair is completely dry–and it’s tough to get my hair dry in a hurry, so I shower at night sometimes but it’s not always helpful.

So girls out there with the perfect hair–how do you get yours buns (and messy buns and ponytails) to look so good? I’m looking for hair product, hairband, headband, bobby pin, etc. recommendations. Whatever will help me out, even if you’re not a ballerina.

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