Weekend Workout Fails

It was ridiculously hot in Philadelphia this past week–but that’s not really the reason for my workout fails–a couple of other things have gotten in the way as well. This week has been:

Monday (Memorial Day): No ballet ’cause of the holiday and I had just ran on Sunday and Saturday so I squeezed in Day 02 of 30 Day Shred before heading back to Philly.

Tuesday: 2 Mile morning run. Seems like I’m on track, right?

Wednesday: Day 03 of 30 Day Shred, which starts to get a little bit easier. My boyfriend and I avoid running outside cause of the heat.

Thursday: Ballet in like 100 degree weather. Tough, but doable. I still wore my legwarmers, but for the first time in months I wore just my leotard. My instructor actually STOPPED class to ask if I’ve lost weight. I feel like I have (and I think that I have) even though the scale hasn’t shown much of a difference (5 lbs, maybe, and it fluctuates a LOT). I definitely look toner.

Friday: We got a late start, so a 1 and half mile is super painful. I was dehydrated and HQ was having leg problems, so we decided to call it quits.

Then over the weekend…I failed. I did nothing. It was a super rest weekend I guess. I was supposed to go to ballet Saturday morning–then I slept in because of lack of sleep. So to make up for it I had planned a 3 mile solo run for Sunday, and I didn’t go again because of lack of sleep.

Monday: Supposed to wake up for #MondayRunday (haha). I woke up at 6:45 to thunderstorms. It only kind of clears up throughout the day (so the track we run on probably stayed wet). I did fit Day 04 of 30 Day Shred in though–but I need to look for cardio alternatives to do during the cardio segments (The video has you doing 3 sets of 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minutes ABs). My legs HATE jumping jacks and things on my hardwood floors (it was fine at my parents on a cushioned carpeted basement floor). So I’ve kind of come with a substitute list thanks to Google: walking planks, diver push-ups (aka Hindu push-ups), steps (I’ve just got to find something to step up onto–I live in a studio apartment), swimming (on the floor) and punches (which are already featured in the video). If you’ve got alternative leg-easy cardio recommendations, lets hear ’em.

Plan for the rest of the week: two more 30 day shreds (probably Wednesday and Friday), an easy 2 mile run Tuesday, a 3-4 mile run with Philadelphia Runner to Rita’s for National Running Day, ballet on Thursday, 3 miles Friday, ballet again Saturday but no pointe…because of 5k race on Saturday. AND lots and lots of stretching and foam rolling. Hopefully HQ and I can stick to this schedule…we’re so bad at making a plan to get things done.

What is your weekly exercise plan? How do you plan out your workouts?

June Challenges (#RWRunStreak Alternative)

Life always likes to get in the way of my monthly challenges. See: College graduations, job interviews, and a back muscle strain/pull. But, here I am again, trying to plan one for June. Unlike the other challenges I’ve planned, this one is just going to include my personal goals for developing my overall fitness.

I’m finding myself desperately wishing I could handle Runner World’s #RWRunStreak, where the goal is to run at least a mile a day between Memorial Day and Fourth of July. No matter how badly I want to do it, I know I shouldn’t attempt it because of how injury-prone I am. So instead, my #RWRunStreak alternative is:

  • Have a decent run at least three days a week (by setting a goal of at least 30 minutes a day, instead of a distance goal, so I don’t push myself too hard)
  • Complete 3 days worth of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred a week
  • Attend at least 2 ballet classes a week (there are 3 offered at my studio)
  • Stretch everyday for at least 10 minutes (baby steps, since previous goals have just led me to give up).
  • Have a dedicated rest day.

I’ve planned my goals at like this so I can try to get in better general shape and fit in some sort of cross-training in now that I’m gym-less (not that I really ever did much at the gym either). I might try to squeeze in some swimming as well, since I (probably) still have access to the school’s pool.

What are your June goals? Are you attempting #RWRunStreak?

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