Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet

29 N Narberth Ave
Narberth, PA 19072

(610) 664-3455

Major Moment Studio/Philly Dance Fitness

1624 South Street,
Philadelphia, PA and


Classes offered: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Pointe, Zumba, Impact Jazz, Zumba, and more

Description via Website: “Work up a sweat through the art of dance with Philly Dance Fitness. We offer group classes, private lessons and parties throughout Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Check out our packed schedule and pricing options. No experience required. Ditch the workout – join our dance party!”

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Beverly is an awesome teacher if you are new to ballet. She’s encouraging and offers several classes for all levels of beginners, however, you will always feel welcome in her classes no matter what your level is. I highly recommend her for those who have never taken ballet.

10 out of 10.


Take the Lead

4701 Pine Street
​Philadelphia, PA 19143

215 471 3215

Classes offered: Ballet, Ballroom, Belly Dance, HipHop, Indian Traditional, Modern, Salsa, Wedding

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Description via website: “The Studio at Take the Lead on Pine is a place where talent & creativity come together in all dance forms.​​ We believe that anyone can dance! With the proper tools, even those who have two left feet or are rhythmically challenged can learn to do it, and to do it well. We see dance as a growing and learning experience that continues throughout a person’s life. Whether you’re a novice or professional, there is always something new, fun, exciting, and rewarding to be found in the countless varieties of dance. We offer an array of classes for children, teens, and adults.”


Evelein is a fantastic teacher from the Netherlands whose original passion for ballet lead her to Martha Graham in NYC. Philadelphia and I are very lucky to have her as a teacher. She is enthusiastic, patient, and encourages good habits.

10 out of 10.


Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet

29 N Narberth Ave
Narberth, PA 19072


Classes offered: Ballet

Description via Website: “John White and Margarita de Saá founded the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet in 1974. Their goal was to make available the best possible dance education for students of all ages. An important aspect of this purpose was to provide essential training for talented students with professional aptitudes and interest in pursuing careers in classical ballet. Through the ensuing years more than seventy graduates have danced in professional companies throughout the world. Several have won high honors in both national and international competitions.”

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I love the adult class in PBA because is a quality instruction, the teacher is a great teacher :)

10 out of 10


Legwarmers Part 1: Shopping For Legwarmers


The Bambu Legwarmers I admire so much.

As it gets colder and colder in Pennsylvania, my ballet instructor keeps stressing the importance of picking up some legwarmers (or cutting the toes off a pair of long socks) so that our ankles can stay nice and warm.

I’ve been rocking legwarmers since summer (even though it was ridiculously hot–I’ve had some ankle troubles), so I own about four pairs of legwarmers, and I’m some of which have been picked up from dance stores, others of which I’ve picked up from stores like Target. I even picked up a pair of pretty purple ones from Burlington Coat Factory for $6 dollars (a steal, even if they are a little short for my taste).

The Body Wrapper Legwarmers I'll be picking up after Christmas, which are only a tenth of the cost of the others.

The Body Wrapper Legwarmers I’ll be picking up after Christmas, which are only a tenth of the cost of the others.

My current favorite pair is a pair of long Harmonie ones that I bought over the summer from the Rosin Box  (it was one of the only pairs they have, because, you know, who buys legwarmers in the middle of summer?), however I find that sometimes they slip a little around my knees, but for the price, they aren’t bad.

I’ve fallen in love with these echauffe leg warmers, and how they closely hug your leg and won’t slip, as well as the wide variety of colors they come in. However, they’re a bit steep at $80 per pair.

So I’ll probably be picking up a pair of these from Discount Dance or Amazon. They look like they’ll serve about the same purpose and not fall down easily, but they’re made of more of a warm-knitted material instead of the Bamboo yarn of the echauffe legwarmers.

Do you rock legwarmers year round like I do? What is your favorite pair?


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