Shin Splints and Dealing with Injuries Emotionally via Pointe Magazine

Image via Pointe Magazine by Colin Fowler.

Image via Pointe Magazine by Colin Fowler.

I should really subscribe to Pointe Magazine.

I bought an issue about 6 months ago while I was working on a design project (one of my assignments was to transform the layouts of an already established magazine to fit my own, for adult ballet dancers). I love some of the things that are written (a lot moreso than some of the other dance magazines).

For instance, this is one of my favorite articles on shin splints. So often, most articles mostly talk about shin splints and running. And while I’m doing all that I can to help prevent shin splints on that front (I finally have insoles and will probably get fitted for my next pair of sneakers once I’m up and running again)–the problem still persists in ballet because of my super flat feet. This article helps address what causes shin splints in ballet dancers and gives some really good tips for treatment–I love my pinky bouncy ball for massage and using a cup filled with ice to ice massage.

I’ve been in PT for about a week now, working on strengthening my feet, ankles and calf muscles to get back to ballet. Hopefully, this will finally help me get better and I’ll be able to dance (and run) pain free.

I also loved this column about dealing with emotions while injured. I had such a tough time coping with being out of ballet back in April when everyone around me was seemingly really busy. It seemed like I was always ¬†at home watching TV while people were out having fun because the boot made it really tough to get around and I couldn’t go to ballet or run to keep myself occupied.

Luckily, thanks to PT I should be back soon and I’ve been pretty well occupied since I’ve stopped running or dancing (after the Rescue Run 5K). I may even be able to start barre as soon as Thursday or Saturday!

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