Back En Pointe!

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It’s taken me forever to get there…but yesterday I took my first pointe class again!

I hadn’t been in a pointe class after my first one in January when the pain in my shin started to get super intense and I had to take a fair amount of time off.

Yesterday I decided it was about time to try pointe again.

I don’t know whether it’s the running or all the stretching I’ve committed myself to over the past week (or something else entirely), but my nagging shin pain has finally started to disappear. While running hasn’t been 100% pain free, it’s been more manageable once I decided to adopt a better training plan. The pain usually disappears after running and I feel great afterwards. Ballet was a different story for a while–but this past week has been great!

Class went relatively well–except for the moment when I accidentally jumped onto pointe–OUCH! Not what you are supposed to do, I know. I was super worried that the rest of the class was going to be too advanced (pointe classes started in December, I think….) but my ballet instructor gave me different things to do when the exercises were too challenging.

I can’t wait for this super busy semester to be over so I can start going to more ballet classes!

What ballet or fitness-related accomplishments have you made recently?

Beginner Ballet Tips: Exercises for Pointe

Just some quick exercises to strengthen for pointe using a barre while wearing pointe shoes. I’ve been working on some of the exercises we do in class, but I figured I could definitely use something I could work on at home since my pre-pointe classes are only running every other week at this point.

As always, don’t try these exercises without any prior pre- pointe or pointe ¬†experience, and be careful.

How do you practice pre-pointe or pointe safely at home?

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