Blogtember: My Favorite Dancing and Running Fuel

Juggling work, ballet, running and more often means that I don’t have time to eat a meal before heading to ballet class or heading out for a run–plus my stomach doesn’t tolerate exercise well if there’s any significant amount of food in it. So here’s a few of my favorite snacks and running fuels that I use to give me some energy when I don’t have time for a full meal:

Clif Shot Bloks


These are my favorite to munch on before a run (and sometimes before dance class) especially in the morning when my stomach can’t tolerate a whole lot of food. I usually just munch on 2-3 before heading out the door for ballet class or 30 minutes before a run. I love that these usually run me about $2 for 2-3 uses.

 Real Food Barre


Although these are on the pricier side ($2.50 a piece), I still pick some up occasionally at my local Whole Foods. Cinnamon pecan is my favorite flavor. Check out the interview I did with the creators, Julia and Aaron to learn more about how they created this bar specifically for dancers.



These have become my cheaper alternative to Real Food Barres, although I haven’t quite found a replacement flavor for the Cinnamon Pecan that I love so much.

Luna Bars


Blueberry Luna Bars are my absolute favorite (although they can sometimes be a little bit tricky to find). These often end up serving as my breakfast on the go even if I’m not running or going to ballet class that day. I also love their cookie dough protein bar.

 What snacks do you eat before ballet  class or a run?


Barre Giveaway Contest Winner

This morning I used to pick my Real Food Barre Giveaway Winner, jettsmama.

contestwinner2 contestwinnerCongrats! I sent you an e-mail but if you don’t get it for some reason (like you sent up your account with an e-mail you no longer use) just shoot me an e-mail at!

Some Quick Updates, Ballerina Profiles, and Barre Giveaway

First of all, now that my long semester of hell is finally over, I plan on putting some quality time into this project. As of 9 am this morning, I only have one more semester to go before I graduate.

In order to make this project better, I’ve put together another survey to try and get an idea of what most people want to see more of. I’ve already gotten a few responses, but if you haven’t filled it out yet, it will take you about 15 seconds and it would mean a lot to me. The survey is here.

As you may have noticed, the Resources page is up with a few of my favorite blog posts and entries you’ve sent in. Check out the page and feel free to send me more suggestions. I’ll be updating this section of the blog with more non-blog resources in the near future.

As usual, I’m always looking for more adult ballerinas to profile, so if I haven’t run one on you yet, check out the Contribute page and send me your e-mail address so I can feature you on the site. If you’d like to write your own post like Scott did in Advice for Men in Ballet, that’d be awesome too. Feel free to suggest any ballet instructors or professionals for interviews as well.

Lastly, the giveaway of the Real Food Barres ends tomorrow. I’m going to try to get in contact with everyone who may have not entered for each of their entries correctly (you need a new comment for each new entry, i.e. if you tweeted to enter you need a comment with a flavor AND a comment saying you tweeted).

English: .

English: . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barre: A real food bar review and giveaway

UPDATE: I had originally posted as this ending December 13th at 11:59 pm. Since I said in other posts it went until Friday, feel free to enter until December 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

I’m so excited to offer my first giveaway on Adult Ballerina Project. When I first contacted Julia to set up the interview she offered to send me some barres, but I ordered some of my own as well. I’ll be giving away one of each flavor to one lucky follower picked at random.

My favorite flavor, pirouette cinnamon pecan. From

My favorite flavor, pirouette cinnamon pecan. From

You can check out the interview with Julia and Aaron here.

If you’re like me, you’re adult ballet classes fall around 6 or 7 pm. I often struggle with whether I should eat before I go to class (and risk feeling bloated and sick during class) or not eat and end up starving midway through class and be checking the clock every five minutes hoping class will be over soon so I can eat.

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Q & A with Julia and Aaron, the creators of Barre: A Real Food Bar.


Julia from

Julia and Aaron of Barre, a real food bar designed both for ballerinas and all sorts of athletes, were kind enough to do an interview with me for the site. Both are professional dancers and agreed to talk both about their product and their experience with ballet, They even gave us a few tips for adult beginner ballerinas!

To find more about their product, you can check out their site here. In addition, they’re also running a Facebook competition for a giveaway of barres and another gift by submitting your interpretation of “Barre, A real food bar.” and “Art”. Check out their Facebook page here.

I’ll have my review of their product (and a giveaway!) up Adult Ballerina Project later this week!

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