#AdultBallerinas TweetChat November 9th, 6pm EST

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Hey Ballerinas,

Don’t forget that we’re holding a TweetChat tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST. It’ll probably go for at least an hour, so if you can’t join us right away, feel free to jump in whenever you can.

We’ll be using the hashtag #adultballerinas to keep track of each other and reply to each other. Using TweetChat.com is an awesome way to easily follow just our conversation and not lose track of whose saying what to who in our conversation.

My twitter is @kristengillette and if you’re looking to get other adult ballerinas to follow you before we get to chatting, comment below with your Twitter handle and I’ll tweet out the names of everyone when the TweetChat starts!

Look forward to talking to all of you!

TweetChat Recap

For those who missed out on TweetChat last night, about five of us Adult Ballerinas chatted about all sorts of things from things we struggled with in classes like double pirouettes and arms placement (it’s good to know you’re not alone in your struggles!) as well as attending a summer intensive together this summer. We’re looking into the Sun King Dance Adult Dance Camp (and DisneyBallerina has the summer ’13 schedule here ) because they offer camp to nonprofessionals at any level.

If anyone else has summer intensive suggestions we could attend let me know! I’m probably definitely doing one of Koresh’s (here in Philly) which only run about 2 hours a day, but they always hold classes in the evenings afterwards as well for myself since I didn’t get to attend last year.

Also, for those who didn’t get to participate during Tweetchat because of time issues, let me know what times/days work best for you and where your from (feel free to send this to me in an e-mail if you want to keep it private). It’d be great to have more participants!

TweetChat and Stretch Day #9

UPDATE: 930 PM EST for the tweet chat, sorry for any confusion!

So, I’m thinking TweetChat Sunday at 9:30 PM EST, hashtag #adultballerinas?

And here is my photo incase you didn’t catch it last night from Day 9:

My nose can touch my knees! (and my knees are slightly bent because they overextend, if they were straight they’d bend backwards!) I’ve been avoiding actual splits because my ankle is in SEVERE pain.

And favorite spam comment ever?

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