How to “Start a Dance Blog” E-Book

Some of my fellow dance bloggers recently released an e-book about how to start a dance blog, and graciously provided me a copy to read over before I told my readers about it.

The book is pretty much perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog and doesn’t know where to start. While the book is written directed towards people who want to start a dance-focused blog, a lot of it can apply if you’re looking to start any type of blog.

A lot of the book goes over the basics, like choosing a blogging platform (, Blogger, Tumblr, self-hosted), choosing a blog title, choosing a tagline and even choosing your specific niche. Even if you’ve been in the blogosphere for a little bit, it might be worth the 8 dollars to go over some more detailed topics like analytics, social media, monetization, and SEO.

According to the book’s webpage, the book will take you through the following:

  • Things you need to know to set up your dance blog quickly.
  • Writing better content
  • Engaging readers on and off the site
  • Getting discovered using social media and SEO basics
  • Taking those next big steps like monetization and traffic analysis

The book was written by some of the awesome pioneers in dance blogging:

Find the book here:

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