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We’ve recently added a bunch of new studios to Adult Ballerina Project’s Studio Guide, including:

American Dance Institute

Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness

Align Ballet Method

In Studio

Intrigue Dance & Performing Arts Center


Ballet Tennessee

Local Motion Studio


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Irene Dance Hub

Irene, Centurion, South Africa

Classes offered: ballet

Description via website: “We offer classical ballet classes inspired by the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus to adults older than 18 years. Irene Dance Hub is the only adult ballet dance studio in South Africa that offers more than ten structured classical ballet classes per week to absolute beginners, intermediates, and pointe dancers. Our studio is located in a security estate with state of the art facilities. We have wooden ballet barres that are warm to the touch, wall to wall mirrors that offering you better correction, sprung ballet floors that are kind to the knees and loads of free secure patrolled parking.”

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Dance Hub is every recreational ballerina’s dream. It has all the facilities you would expect, professional instructors who are patient and kind, lessons that are challenging enough for you to grow every week, and a group of dancers who you come to know as friends with whom you can laugh and with whom you feel comfortable. There is no pressure – everything is at your own pace – there is only encouragement and much enjoyment!

10 out of 10

– Andrea Vermaak


The perfect setting, they make you feel at home right from the start.

10 out of 10



Dance Hub is located in the upmarket suburb of Irene, Pretoria, South Africa. Our studio offers free secure parking, change rooms, wooden barres that are warm to the touch, sprung floor with ballet mats, full mirrors, surround sound and is temperature controlled. We also have an interesting light setting in our studio making it possible to create a change in mood. Since our studio is located in a fitness centre our students are allowed to swim in a heated pool after our classes. Dance Hub is the biggest all adult ballet studio in the area and offers around 9 ballet classes per week to adults. Dance Hub is also open continuously throughout the year and only closes during Decembers.

9 out of 10

–Susan Attfield


Louina is RAD trained, B degree in music, ballet and dance. Music always worked out, always on time, stays later, knows all the student’s names, what they do for a living and history on past injuries and physical limitations. Treat adults with dignity and expect same level of dancing performance as children. Can sometimes be intimidating since adults can not always dance as well as children, but at least she still think we can 🙂 Best thing about her – she dances with us till we’ve learned all the moves and only then we’re on our own.

9 out 10

–Susan Attfield

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Me “stretching” (the railing was low) by Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.

That’s right, me. I’m still in the process of getting a few interviews back, so in the meantime, I figured I’d share some information about myself that I haven’t posted here before.

I started doing ballet in March of 2012. I took a class once a week at Philly Dance Fitness for a while before I was living in two places this summer (Allentown and Philadelphia) and could only manage the occasional class at Koresh Dance Studio. I started going two times a week (or more, I’m at 3 or 4 now) in the beginning of September.

I took classes for three years as a kid, at about age 4. I quit after year three because my parents moved us to dance classes held in the basement of a church and not a “real” dance studio. I wasn’t a fan of the move, and I quit.

I’ve wanted to take adult classes for over a year now. It wasn’t until my boyfriend helped push me into finally buying a pair of ballet shoes that I finally got over my fears of being the “new girl” in class and finally signed up.

I take classes at both Philly Dance Fitness and Koresh Dance Studio. I started at Philly Dance Fitness, and I love my instructor, Beverly, for being as welcoming as she is to new students. I started taking classes at Koresh to get more of a “real studio” feel, and I love both, although Koresh is super challenging sometimes for a newbie.

My favorite part of ballet is turns. Currently, I can only land en dedan pirouettes (which my instructors rarely seem to work on). But I love working on them, and turns are my favorite thing to work on at home.

My least favorite part is jumps. I was FINALLY getting a handle on them a while ago, but now they

On the Race Street Pier in Philly.

I want to take modern jazz classes. Otherwise, I’ve only taken one hiphop class (and the studio stopped offering them). Koresh offers a variety of classes, and I’ve meant to take modern jazz but the class is labeled “beginner” scares me. I take an intro to ballet class there and that is tough enough as it is.

My hobbies outside of ballet including writing, TV, and crocheting. I ran a TV blog when I was younger on Blogger.

My advice to new beginners is DON’T GIVE UP. Although your first experience in a dance studio can be nerve-racking and you might not do so hot, COME BACK anyway. You’ll get better. I’ve noticed that a lot of people  show up for their first class and never return. Just remember that everyone had to start at some point.

Anything else you’d like to know about me?


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