A Photoless Race Recap: Strides for Stroke 5k

Yup, I forgot to take a single picture. HQ and I ran our first 5k race this Sunday, the Strides for Stroke 5k in Philly.

Well, other than this screen shot of my nike + data.

Well, no pictures other than this screen shot of my nike + data.

HQ agreed to run with me at my turtle-like speed of 12:30 per mile and we did the entire race together. We ran most of it, only slowing down for a few water breaks and when my tummy wasn’t super happy (ugh, it was like that all weekend)–but we got it done. While it was cool to run on an empty Martin Luther King Drive, the slope of the pavement was rough on my shins.


My official time was 38:29. I’m already looking at another possible 5k for the end of the month–but the heat was really tough to deal with already at 8:30 in the morning.

This upcoming week HQ and I have tried to plan out our training a little bit more (thank you, Temple University for still letting me have access to the gym this summer) to include some cross training and some indoor running (on an indoor track) to help us beat the heat and this miserable rain. Running outdoors on the track during the summer just isn’t my thing (I still plan on getting some outdoor runs including our weekly long runs). I hope we can fit in a swim either Wednesday or Friday too. Ballet will hopefully happen Saturday morning (Thursday I’ve got friends possibly visiting and Philadelphia Runner’s Urban Scramble)–but I’m also heading home for birthday weekend so it’ll depend on my schedule.

What does your week look like?


Say what–I’m graduating???

This is only been my second post this week because I’ve been busy finishing up my college career. I took my last final yesterday from the comfort of my own bed at nine in the morning (I got an A-) and then had my Honor’s College Graduation last night. I had a job interview this afternoon for a part-time job to go with my internship with Campus Philly over the summer (keep your fingers crossed for me!) so that I don’t go completely broke.

Tomorrow is my last TWO graduations. Since Temple University is so huge, we have one ceremony in the morning with everyone university wide who is graduating and then one in the afternoon for our college. Woohoo!

So another reason I’ve not posted very much this week is I’ve decided to take the week off ballet AND running. Saturday and Sunday I had a pretty severe case of shin splints (I rocked my KT Tape at the interview and had everyone asking me what was up with my leg) so I decided between everything else that was going on, I should probably take this week off. I also pulled/strained/did something wacky to my lower right back in yoga (either in the studio or at home…I’m so busy that I can’t remember) so I’ve been taking it super easy. I should be okay to go for a short run this weekend while I’m back at home and then back to ballet on Monday when I get back to Philly to start at Campus Philly.

So I apologize if I don’t get the ballerina profile that usually goes up on Friday but I promise that it’ll be up as soon as I can get to it!


…I’ve been neglecting this blog again.

It’s really tough to write about ballet when you can’t do any of it, and that’s been one of the reasons I’ve avoided blogging. Good news is, I don’t have a stress fracture, but my leg still has its moments when it hurts like hell–especially after some speed walking I shouldn’t have done to get to a meeting on time on Sunday. I have another ortho appointment a week from today.

Does anybody have any recommendations of good yoga video online–I’m in desperate need of SOMETHING to do. Sitting around doing nothing has not been good for me.

The other reason I haven’t written here in a while is that I’ve been busy. I’ve been writing articles for local dance publications like crazy–I’ve had three published in the last two weeks and I’ll be writing another about a performance this Saturday.

Passion Ignites Kariamu and Company

Review: Hold Me To This, Temple University MFA Thesis Concert

Review: An Evening of Duets

In addition, I saw a show at Bryn Mawr College Saturday and then had a workshop with the wonderful Claudia LaRocco from the NYTimes and ThePerformanceClub.org. I was truly a great experience, and I learned a lot about writing.

And, because you’ve probably been missing some ballet advice here’s a few articles to read until I get my act together:

On Balance: How to Nail Long Balances

The Ballet Bun: Best Practices (okay–it’s meant for parents–but that doesn’t mean it’s not helpful).

And not ballet advice, but if you’re a Bunheads fan, here’s an article from Times Magazine on why the show is important:  On the Importance of Bunheads

Please fill me in on what you’ve been up to!


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