Join us for the #AdultBallet TweetChat this Sunday, June 14 at 8PM EDT!

twitter-chatWe’ll be chatting all things #adultballet on Twitter this Sunday at 8pm EDT. If you’ve never participated in one it’s pretty simple. The @adultballerina twitter account will ask a series of questions and will include the #adultballet hashtag in each one of the questions. Anyone can answer them, just make sure to include the #adultballet tag in your answers so everyone can see them!

Personally, I like to use TweetDeck (it’s super easy and just connected to your Twitter account) to follow along, but there’s also a new website called Twubs that makes chats super easy, and you can check out the #adultballet page here. You can also just follow along by searching #adultballet on plain old Twitter, too!

Let us know your coming by clicking yes in the poll:

And tweet to let everybody know to join us:

Is there a question you’d like to see us ask? Leave it in the comments!

Pick the #AdultBallet Twitter Chat Time + Suggest Questions!

adult-ballet-twitter-chatWe’re looking forward to restarting the #adultballet twitter chats we held a while back. Chats typically last an hour, and typically the hosts ask about 6 questions that everyone and anyone is welcome to answer!

And if you want to suggest a question that should be asked during the chat, add it here:

We can’t wait to talk everything relating to #adultballet on Twitter!

(P.S. If you’re interested in co-hosting this chat, or another one, get in touch at!)

Top oimage modified from Flickr User Kryziz Bonny with Creative Commons Permissions

#AdultBallet Twitter Chat


A couple of years ago, I held a few Twitter chats with some of the adult ballerinas I met on Twitter. I want to hold another one, and right now I just want to get a good idea of when might be a good time (once I get a general idea, I’ll hold another poll for the actual date).

I’m also running a version of this poll over on the Adult Ballerinas Facebook group (if you aren’t already a member — go join!).

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