ABP Search Terms: Adult Ballet Frustration

Sometimes, the search terms that manage to lead people this blog can be pretty amusing ( as well as disturbing, ie “my boyfriend has pointe shoes”). However, last week, someone searched for “adult ballet frustration” and it was a phrase that particular rang true to me–and in fact, it could probably be the title of this blog for how much frustration I seem to go through–and for how frustrating ballet seems to be, when you start as an adult.

I started developing extreme shin pain about a year ago (which seems crazy to me) and I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to fix the said problem. I’ve seen multiple specialists, had way too many x-rays, got stuck in a boot, spent weeks upon weeks resting–and still the problem persisted. Adult ballet can be frustrating on its own without this other set of issues to deal with. photo

I saw yet another ortho this past Friday, and I’ll finally be starting physical therapy this week (after my last doctor refused to start me until I spent another 6 weeks resting, after having already spent 6 weeks resting) so that I can hopefully deal with the muscle imbalance I have. I’ll be seeing an office that specifically works with dancers (and is well-known for treating some of the ballet company members and other dance companies in the area).

What “adult ballet frustration do you deal with? How do you get over it?

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