What is your favorite leotard?

The Adult Ballerina Project wants to know, what is your favorite leotard and why?

Capezio corporate logo

Capezio corporate logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only own two (with a third one in a mail and on its way from Discount Dance Supply–although I’m sure it’s going to be a little while because of Sandy). I ordered a Theatrical pink leotard because the reviews weren’t bad and it was super cheap.

My favorite of the two is my black camisole one from Capezio–the fabric is soft and it does a good job at making me feel super sweaty (gross but true). It was also fairly cheap from Amazon.

So tell me what your favorite leotard(s) are and which ones you’d┬árecommend┬áto your fellow ballerinas!

I’ll be spending my day stretching and working out since it’s unlikely that my ballet classes will be held for the next few days!


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