You’re Never Too Old to Do Ballet!

A big thanks to Claire Farmer for sharing this with me on Facebook! Don’t forget to read her lovely guest post, Ballet for Body and Soul, too!

BBC News recently ran a story, “‘Silver Swans’ taking to the barre later in life for ballet lessons”, about older adults taking ballet class.

Image via BBC

Image via BBC

More and more pensioners are taking up ballet, according to the Royal Academy of Dance. It is putting the phenomenon down to the popularity of TV programmes like Strictly Come Dancing.

In a locker room at Scottish Ballet, a group of dancers are lacing up their ballet shoes.

Only one thing marks them out from the other dancers here.

These dancers are all in their 60s and 70s.

Today, they are rehearsing Swan Lake.

Among them is Alicia Steele. She danced when she was young. Now, nearly 80, she’s back.

“I went to keep fit classes, but I found them a bit boring,” she says.

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What other ballet stories have you seen in the news lately?

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