Workout Motivation and Ballet Class Slumps

  Workout Motivation helps beat the heat

Everyone has their off weeks, and last week I had a bad one and I’ve seem to lost my workout motivation. Although I got 2.5 miles in on Monday while I was still at home with my sister, I only managed to get in .75 on Wednesday before I started to have knee issues while I was running on the indoor track and decided to quit since the Urban Scramble (a scavenger hunt with a lot of uphills and running on sidewalks) was the next day and I didn’t want to be hurting for that.

Once I got to the Urban Scramble, while my legs were feeling better, I decided to pass on two scavenger stops in University City since they were fairly far away from the other spots and all uphill. We ended up walking a lot of the first 2 miles (I was being pouty as my Garmin wasn’t starting up). We ran the last 1.3 miles roughly when my Garmin magically started working. After that race/scavenger hunt I was extremely sore (I did something wonky to my hip, but I’m not sure what), so Saturday morning ballet was a bit rough. I also woke up extremely tired, so I struggled through most of the class. Sunday became an unintentional rest day.

Yesterday I had the intention of running for 30 minutes on the track, but only got about a mile done since HQ and I didn’t get out the door until about 11, and even the indoor track was brutally hot. Since I had to head into work extremely early this morning, I’m hoping to fit in a bit of spinning plus about a mile on the treadmill and then some easy (if there is such a thing) fartlek training on the track (probably still indoors, the temps are super high here in Philly this week). I just need to pull myself out of this workout slump.

How do you pick yourself back up after a bad week of workouts?

  • David Chapman

    The best way is to avoid anything which looks like a gymnasium and never run unless you’re late for the bus or being chased by a tiger.

    To get fit, do aerobics in class with a good teacher and fun music for an hour once, perhaps twice, a week. Combine this with a couple of ballet classes and your knees will be fine, your hips irreplaceable and your abs will play peek a boo for the first time ever.

  • Joy

    Sometimes when I hit a slump, I look for something different to do. I can’t be tired of getting fit (going to be doing that for life) but I can get bored with my current routine. And your body will work better if challenged differently. I try to build in different classes or outdoor activities instead of or on top of my usual stuff. Keeps things from getting too boring and keeps my body guessing. Which makes me feel better after EVERY activity and then makes me want to keep going!

  • Caysie

    You’re having one of those weeks too huh?! At least it’s not just me. haha. I’m trying to do some new stuff, keep it interesting… we’ll see if it can drag me out of my exercise hating hole.