126 East 13th street, New York

Ballet and dance studio in the heart of NYC. Amazing classes at a variety of levels from beginner to advanced/pro level with thoughtful instructors.



My favorite teachers are Kathryn Sullivan, Stuart Loungway and Jamie Salmon who are alums of SAB, Joffrey Ballet and Boston Ballet. The classes are quite advanced for each level so I would recommend starting a level lower than you’re used to and work up.


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Staten Island Ballet

460 Brielle Ave,
Staten Island, NY 10314

(718) 980-0500

Festival School of Ballet

Festival School of Ballet
Church of the Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14214

716-984-1586 OR 716-982-1465

Classes offered: Adult Ballet

Description via Website: “The Festival School of Ballet was founded in 1987 by Clare Fetto and her husband, Keith Carcich. After more than ten years of teaching and performing throughout Western New York, they saw a need in the city of Buffalo for a school offering classical ballet training in a professional atmosphere.”

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Festival School of Ballet is the perfect studio for any ballet class! Beginner level classes for all ages, plus advanced and pointe classes. Clare Fetto is a wonderful teacher who knows how to explain the basics, teach form and technique and make everyone find their inner dancer.

FSB does not follow the traditional recital method of instruction. They do offer two performances a year for those who want to be involved, however, they do encourage dancers to audition and perform whenever and wherever possible.

Overall, FSB is the ideal place to study ballet, no matter your age or skill level. It truly is a great school of ballet!

9 out of 10


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