Why are dancers so clumsy?


What comes up when you do a search for “why are dancers so…”

Dancers are supposed to be graceful, so why is it that so many of us seem to be so clumsy when out of the studio? Not that I’m exactly uber graceful when in the studio either–but I’m certainly a klutz outside the studio. I’ve been resting the past few days after slightly twisting my ankle while carrying stuff to my apartment on Sunday.

There are lots of different theories on why dancers are more clumsy:

The Dance Project lists a few reasons: dancers lack ankle dorisflexion (flexing their feet) and dancers tend to develop  thoracic outlet syndrome.

There’s also a popular Dance.net forum topic dedicated to different theories. My favorite is this joke:

“If a 2X4 is laying on the floor of a stage an actor will trip on it, a stagehand will step over it, and a dancer will trip on the spot where the board was long after it has been put away.”

Are you clumsy outside of dance? What do you “blame” it on?

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