City Ballet

7440-17 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

Description via website: “‘City Ballet Raleigh is invested in providing an environment that supports and enriches the experience our students have while taking classes. We make full use of three studios, allowing us to provide convenient class times while keeping class sizes small enough to give personal attention to each student. All studios are mirrored and equipped with sprung wood or Marley flooring. For student convenience, we have a carpeted dressing room with cubbies for belongings and two large ladies’ rooms and a men’s room. We also offer a quiet, brightly lit homework area for our students with demanding school responsibilities. Seating for waiting parents and siblings is available in our lobby and elsewhere. Peachtree Market, where the studio is located, offers additional amenities including options for a hungry dancer.”


I did ballet as a child and am coming back to the discipline as an adult after a long hiatus. This studio was welcoming and the training is top notch. There is live music through a professional accompanist who tailors the music to the movement and speeds up or slows down during combinations across the floor so you can move at your pace. Class is taught by two instructors (one Cecchetti, one Vaganova) who alternate weeks and complement one another. I feel my alignment, strength, coordination, and balance have all improved. It is a safe space, but also a caring space where individual attention helps you improve as a dancer by challenging you to improve upon your skill set. I take the intermediate class but there is also a beginning class I have not tried. Note that this studio is enrollment only. You can pay a pro-rated amount if you come in mid-session but there is no drop in option (apart from the first class). This is the only negative about the studio… you need to be committed to weekly training mentally, physically, and financially.

9 out 0f 1o.



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