What Did You Do This Summer?

Image via gfpeck on Flickr via Creative Commors

Image via gfpeck on Flickr via Creative Commors

It’s officially the last day of summer. A while back, I put out a crowdsourcing call on Facebook asking everyone what they did this past summer. Like I mentioned, while my summer was filled with lots of ballet (2-3 classes at least every week), as you probably noticed, there wasn’t much blogging.

Here’s what you said you did:

  • Many of you went on summer classes binges (like Louise who got a chance to try out the Sun King dance workshops — I’m so jealous!)
  • Some of you had off because of no classes offered, like Illene and Karen.
  • Others watched video classes like Celeste, who also couldn’t take classes during the summer.
  • Some of you took off, like Suzanne, because her body needed the rest (I took the first week of September off — the best thing I could’ve done!)
  • Others worked on putting together a ballet area at home to keep practicing at home.

Please share more about what you did in the summer in the comments — or share your own personal ballet story here — we want to read ’em!)

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