Help a Fellow Adult Ballerina Out In Vancouver, Canada!


JenniferAnn recently left me a note on my Facebook page looking for a private ballet instructor in Vancouver, Canada since her previous instructor isn’t a good fit. She’s returning to ballet after 22 years away, so she thinks a private instructor is her best fit.

I’m not familiar with the area nor have I come across any studios or instructors in the area, but I figured maybe somebody who reads this blog could help!

She’s also looking to be able to take either her RAD or Vaganova exams, so she’s looking for a teacher who does exam work.

Know a good teacher or somebody who could help? Leave a comment here or drop a line on JenniferAnn’s question on Facebook (under comments by others). Or email me at

Thanks for your help!

  • JenniferAnn de la Torre

    I was offered private adult ballet lessons with RAD exam work at two different schools: Pacific Dance Arts in Vancouver and Northwest Pacific Academy for the Performing Arts in New Westminster. I will have trial lessons at both schools and then decide which teacher and school to go with.