[VIDEO] Kathryn Morgan’s Improving your Penche

Check out Kathryn Morgan’s website, If The Pointe Shoe Fits, for more great tutorials!

How to Make The Perfect Bun By The Washington Ballet

Have you seen The Washington Ballet’s videos on how to make the perfect bun? I love that they have videos for short (which my hair currently is), long hair, and thick hair. Here are the videos:

The third video (thick hair) is available on The Washington Ballet’s Facebook page.

Do you have a specific trick to get your hair into a perfect bun?

I like to use a hairnet on days my bun needs to be perfect. I also like to use Bunhead hair pins and having my hair wet or damp really helps too. I also have occasionally using a sock bun (or in my case, I made it out of tights).

Ballet Blog Update: More Classes and Pointe

It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared any type of personal update here. But things have been going extremely well. I’ve been making it to three or four classes a week (a lot compared to what I used to make it to) and a lot of the times, two pointe classes a week. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing and blogging.

But the good news is, both HQ and I have been improving a lot. Pointe, especially, has been going really well for me. I used to dread pointe class, but now I’ve been really looking forward to it. My legs and feet have started to become less sore after class (except this week after missing a few classes due to Easter and an unpleasant stomach bug).

We’ve started a little bit to work on our performance for the summer, which I’m really looking forward to. I really enjoy it when we work on combinations from week to week.

Blog-wise, I really want to start working on some how-to posts, but I’m not sure where to start. I definitely want to rework ABP’s How to Build a Barre post (it’s a little bit confusing). If you have other suggestions of what you’d like to see — let me know and I’ll get working on them.

The Off Day Ballet Dictionary

Messy classes are unavoidable, despite our best efforts. So, perhaps we should make lemonade and think of off days as a unique subset of ballet with its own rules and definitions. (Apologies in advance to ballet teachers worldwide.)

Lemonade ballet 3

Created with Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image 1, Image 2.

Arabesque à la Seconde: The proper name for “a la sebesque”.

Hawaiian Rond de Jombe: Yes, it’s correct technique to include a little hula.

Petrushka Jumps: Pointed feet and stretched knees would just spoil the effect.

Port de Bras de Coppélia: The ability to move like an emotionless, mechanical doll can be invaluable.

“Reverse”: Dance historians now believe this originally meant “take a moment to freestyle”.

Degas Chicken Dance

Created with Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image.

Runway Updo: A messy bun is fashionable after all.

Spotting: The critical skill of whipping your head around to see just-what-on-earth-is-everyone-else-doing-anyway.

Superman Penchée: Arching your back would ruin the streamlined look. So would lifting your leg above 90 degrees:

superman penchée

“Superman Penchée”. Created with Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image.

Tombé: The correct way to arrive on the floor…

Variation: As in your own personal variation of whatever the combination was supposed to be…

Vibrato: A sophisticated addition to any balancing exercise.

Zombé: Any step performed with an appropriately dead level of energy.


Created with Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image.

Video: Ballerinas By Night: Improving Low Arches


If you haven’t already checked out the Ballerinas By Night Youtube Channel–do so now! They’ve got everything from how to improve low arches (video below) to practicing cambres and more.

Thanks Lisa for posting these in our Google+ group!

What’s your favorite ballet YouTube Channel?

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