From Campus Philly: My Love Note to Major Moment Studio

While I’ve been busy messing around with the layout and other tweaks with the new site, I wanted to take the time and share this post I wrote for my internship a few weeks ago dedicated to my ballet studio.


Dear Major Moment Studio,

I first approached you nervous with palms sweaty, unsure of exactly what an “adult ballet” class would entail. I pulled open your door and stuttered as I introduced myself to the ballet teacher with the vibrant red hair, curled into pigtail buns. I wanted to run away—who does ballet as an adult beginner anyway? But I stayed.

And I fell in love.

The studio is on the smaller side, located on west South Street, lumped between an apartment building and Magpie. The studio’s smooth hardwood floors and gigantic mirrors make up for its size.

Everyone who attends the classes is warm and welcoming—no one is going to scoff or laugh at you when you can’t get the hang of a move. We’ve all been there before.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first ballet class or your 2000th, everyone is welcome at Major Moment—male, female, 18 or 65. The students remind me that you’re never too old to start taking ballet. Every week, I get excited by the new students who walk in. Sometimes they’ve never taken a ballet class before; other times they’re returning after years of being out of a dance studio.

I just barely fit in the latter category: I took classes from ages 4-6. Then I participated in a slew of different sports: baseball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading. Who would’ve thought I’d return to ballet at age 20?

Major Moment’s owner and resident ballet instructor, Beverly, is charming—she may occasionally mix up her own two feet—but she always takes the time to make sure all her students don’t get left behind during an exercise. Beverly preaches that she doesn’t teach “baby ballet.” She knows adult beginners are capable of more than that. She pushes you to work harder, if you need it–but her corrections are always kind and gentle. She wants you to get better. This isn’t just a dance fitness class. As a student here, you learn real ballet.

Beverly teaches three levels of ballet classes (Absolute Beginner, Beginner II, and Advanced Beginner) that are offered through Philly Dance Fitness. She also never cancels unless it’s Christmas, New Year’s Day or Memorial Day.

Her motto is “No challenge, no change.” She doesn’t mind it when I show up to the Advanced Beginner classes, although I’m not quite up to that level yet. I go to challenge myself.

Major Moment Studio, I never thought I’d be able call myself a ballerina, but thanks to you I feel like I can.  Philadelphia has a great, burgeoning art scene–I’m grateful that I can be a part of it.

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