Weekend Recap: #RescueRun5k and WordPress Class

It’s been a ridiculously busy weekend. I took another WordPress class through the wonderful GirlDevelopIt Philly. I always learn so much through their classes and they’re always super helpful. I’ve taken a WordPress 101 class, an HTML/CSS intro class, and now a WordPress theme class.

As a result of this class, I’ll be working on giving Adult Ballerina Project a major overhaul as I practice my new skills. I’ll keep you updated about how that is going and I’m very excited to get into web development with WordPress since it’s something I love.

I also spent my Sunday morning running another 5k. As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t been keeping up so much with running, so I was kind of nervous and  feeling unready for this one. Since I had the class, I knew it was going to be a long day and I’d have a tight schedule.

HQ and I woke up early around 7:15–although later than I wanted since he had worked on a class project until late Saturday night so I pushed our alarm a bit later. We ate a quick bagel and grabbed our running gear and headed down to the Navy Yard in Philly.

Getting there was a little confusing–the Navy Yard only really has one address despite it being a huge complex and walking into it from the subway stop was a little confusing, especially given construction, but we were there in plenty of time for the 10 am start. Unfortunately, I wanted to avoid petting any puppies before the race because of my allergies.

HQ before the race--I took photos of him but we forgot to take any afterwards!

HQ before the race–I took photos of him but we forgot to take any afterwards!

There were a lot of people but the race started on time, and the course was really flat. I had a really good first mile and a half, until we got to the turn around point. I was expecting there to be a water stop, and unfortunately, there wasn’t any, and the second half of my race was much slower. Even though we took a couple of walk breaks, I still beat my last 5k race time by about 2 and a half minutes, which isn’t bad considering I didn’t get much training in the month of August and missed a lot of runs in September due to sickness allergies.


Here’s to hoping our next one in three weeks (for my college’s homecoming) goes better!

What have you achieved lately?

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