Hairstyles for Growing out your Bangs via Pinterest

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I have a love/hate relationship with my bangs–half of the time I want to chop them super short and half of the time I want to grow them out so that I don’t always have to clip them up when my hair goes up into a bun for ballet or a messy bun for running. Although I wish that I could rock bangs like Katie Martin from Breaking Pointe–they would probably fail on my face. So instead, I’m testing out my patience once again by attempting to grow out my bangs.

I’m pretty much a Pinterest Hair and Beauty addict–I love using it to find some new hairstyles, new hair colors (I’m tempted to go red all over again thanks to Pinterest!). I’ve currently been digging around to find some hairstyles that’ll be perfect for hiding my awkward-length bangs:


The side bang braid used to be my go to look soon after Quinn Fabray started rocking them on Glee. I love them so much that there’s even a god-awful tutorial made by yours truly out there on YouTube if you look for it. (Image via
Another one of my favorites is to twist up my bangs and pin them down to the side. I’ve even rocked this look with a low bun to ballet! (Image via
Last but not least, I love pinning back my bangs with a little bit of a “poof” or no poof just to keep them out of my face! (Image via

I frequently also rock a headband to keep those pesky bangs out of my face at class or while at home.Have you ever grown out your bangs before? How’d you keep them out of your face? Are you addicted to Pinterest like I am? Let me know in the comments!

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