Do you take classes over the holidays?

English: A ballet dancer doing barre work.

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One of the things we discussed on Tweetchat on Saturday was how we weren’t sure what we were going to do over the holidays–most of us don’t go to studios that offer classes over the holidays. The studios I attend do (with the exception of Christmas Eve and Day and New Year’s Eve and Day), however, I will be away at families’ houses for the majority of the holidays since I have a winter break at college. I plan on doing my ballet workout DVD and well as my modern dance DVD, in addition to lots of stretching and theraband exercises.

Do your studios offer classes over the holidays?

Q & A with Julia and Aaron, the creators of Barre: A Real Food Bar.


Julia from

Julia and Aaron of Barre, a real food bar designed both for ballerinas and all sorts of athletes, were kind enough to do an interview with me for the site. Both are professional dancers and agreed to talk both about their product and their experience with ballet, They even gave us a few tips for adult beginner ballerinas!

To find more about their product, you can check out their site here. In addition, they’re also running a Facebook competition for a giveaway of barres and another gift by submitting your interpretation of “Barre, A real food bar.” and “Art”. Check out their Facebook page here.

I’ll have my review of their product (and a giveaway!) up Adult Ballerina Project later this week!

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